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The product and application range of EUROGRAPHIC rollers


Fields of application:
» Heatset printing
» Anilox printing
» Sheet-fed printing
» Business forms printing
» Flexo printing
» Letterpress printing
» Rotogravure printing
» Security printing
» Coldset printing
-Many demands -
one solution

Roller coverings for the graphic industry should not be a printer's daily concern, as the fulfillment of all product requirements is the responsibility of the roller manufacturer.

In today's competitive field, no cost conscious printer can afford to make compromises in print quality, allow excessive paper waste or avoidable machine downtimes.

EUROGRAPHIC printing roller coverings, like the OEM approved proprietary products of the SAUER Roller Plants, guarantee dimensional stability, high production runs and optimal dependability.

The innovative concepts and developments of the EUROGRAPHIC product line have continuously evolved through many decades of active partnerships with the worlds leading printing machine manufacturers.

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