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Product and application range

of business system components



Fields of application:

» Foil extrusion machines
» Transport machines
» Packaging machines
» Cigarette machines

---Many expectations - one result

Extensive requirements upon the development and manufacturing of technical roller coverings result from the huge number of application fields and the need of adapting each compound to the specific application.

This large variety results from the specific requests from many different industries as to roller dimensions, surface conditions, norms and tolerances, as well as physical and chemical peculiarities.

With far over 100 rubber and polyurethane compounds, the EUROTECHNIC product range of the SAUER Group permits their technicians and engineers the opportunity to rapidly fulfill mostcustomer requests with available, standardized and proven solutions.

For specific customer requests with no product solution in the Standard Compound Program, a highly qualified team of engineers from the R&D division EUROLAB will analyze, develop and perfect an individualized solution.

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